You want to create your own C# Icon Library Project? Great, you are at the right place!

Step 1 - Download the latest Icon Sets

Download the latest icon sets from FatCow @
Unzip it anywhere in your computer.

Fix the following 2 naming error in FatCow_Icons32x32 Directory:

  • Rename “clock_.png” by “clock.png”
  • Rename “painbrush.png” by “paintbrush.png”

Step 2 - Download executable

Download "" from the Download and Unzip it.
You can also download source code and execute the project from Visual Studio.

Step 3 - Choose your Icon

  • Create a new folder (Icon32)
  • Choose Icon from "FatCow_Icons32x32" folder (downloaded from step 1) and add them to your Icon32 folder.

You can do the same with 16x16 icons or use step 4 to automatically synchronize icon

Step 4 - Synchronize your Icon32 folder with 16x16 icon

Skip this step if you have created yourself your Icon16 folder from Step 3

Use the Z.GenerateIconProject.WinForm.exe to generate your Icon16 folder from your Icon32 folder.

Create an Icon16 folder and move all file from the IconWorkingDirectory folder.

At this stage, you should have an Icon16 and Icon32 folder which contains only icon you want.

Step 5 - Generate your C# Icon Library Project

Use the Z.GenerateIconProject.WinForm.exe to generate your project.
Be careful, this application is not idiot proof!

And your are done!

Your IconWorkingDirectory folder contains:

  • Your C# Icon Library Project
  • Web.Config to use in your web application.


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